Minutes PKR Pulau Penang leaked out! Mansor criticised Lim Guan Eng is a dictator and Chinese god!

Minit Mesyuarat Perancangan Strategik PKR Pulau Pinang

(source:  Gelagat Anwar)

PKR (PP) Strategic Meeting On Preparations for PRU13


Dr Mansor Othman – PKR Vice President, PKR State Liaison Committee Chairman and Penang Deputy Chief Minister Felix Ooi –  MPPP Councilor and Timb Ketua Bhgn PKR Bkt Bendera Tan Seng Keat – MPPP Councillor and Timb Ketua Bhg Bayan Baru Raymond Ong – Bekas calon DUN Batu Uban Jason Ong – Adun Kebun Bunga n Ketua Bhgn Bkt Bendera Ng Cheng Siang-  MPPP Councillor and Ketua Pemuda Bhgn Tanjung Cheah Peng Guan – Ketua Caw Batu Uban Law Choo Kiang- State eco and Timb Ketua Phubungan Negeri And John Ooi (the operative)


Mansor said – Penang scenario quite different with DAP’s drive now (DAP adalah dictator dalam pentadbiran negeri PP) The incumbent chinese would stay (for PKR In the next PRU) Lau will be there Hock Leong (ADUN Machang Bubuk) would be changed (he would be replaced in next PRU)

All incumbents except hock leong, i think u people have to convince him (convince hock leong not to stab in next PRU) We have to put a young candidate (to replace hock leong)..bukan we dont like him as he has done a good job You as a group (attendees at this meeting) have to think..must prepare names and leave to pusat to decide To put young candidate.. You orang ada opinion..i will listen

Mansor said : On seats and candidacy..i leave it to pusat Thats why i said 5+ 1 (five state seats and 1 parliament to be contested by PKR) We are considering hj razali to replace him there I look at the winning factor..maybe we have to look chinese who have more chance than malay in pantai jerejak (to win pantai jerejak)..decision is still pusat lah…

I have talked to felix and ready to stand there (Pantai jerejak) but up to pusat Whatever pusat finalised we will support


Question: Datuk what about DAP..die orang ada mintak dr kita ka?

Mansor replied : “I will not budge in..die mintak apapun. Because chinese candidate to them is ancaman la.. Orang kita yang entice to go there…(DAP sees PKR Chinese candidates as threat as they (PKR) can win. DAP despite being part of PR wants to kill off PKR in next PRU and control power in Penang by themselve)

Statement: But i think this time there will no fight (for seats between dap and pkr) and remain status quo

To this Mansor replied:  “Tak tentu.. belom finalised. Die (guan eng) very arogant i tell u..corky and arrogant.  Its not easy. Now more arogant. Because die (guan eng) menang banyak. They (DAP) are sure of winning 19 and they want more. Because by two more they can form their own govt and they can any tw from us (PKR) to be on their side and abandon us (PKR).”

Akan ada siri seterusnya dalam ‘verbatim’ report mengenai mesyuarat ini. Apa yang nyata adalah perkara-perkara berikut:- DAP PP dan PKR PP sedang ‘berlawan’ sesama sendiri untuk mendapatkan kerusi yang lebih; LGE dan DAP PP mahu menang dengan lebih besar dan tidak memerlukan sokongan PKR/PAS; Dr Mansor dan LGE juga ada isu ‘peribadi’ – tidak sependapat; Ramai calon PKR yang akan diganti (sebab – performance dan tidak mendapat sokongan rakyat); PKR akan menyediakan lebih daripada satu list (bagi disesuaikan dengan keadaan); Tidak ada kerjasama langsung setakat ini. Masing-masing menjaga parti masing-masing;

Hasil Carian untuk Minit Mesyuarat Strategik PKR Pulau Pinang

Minit Mesyuarat Strategik PKR Pulau Pinang – Siri 2

Question: What if they threaten a 3-corner fight if we dont bow to their their (dap) demand?

Mansor replied “ “We will fight ..thats y i asked to preapare another list..like sg pinang, jawi… I have asked Lau to prepare..kite tak mau bising but we have to get ready for possibility.”

“Must have names in potential seats..seri delima…sg pinang…you must prepare a number of extra candidates.not only 5…this election you must hv at least 10 chinese candidates..

Politics is the art of possibilities..macam2..but we hope not to believe in all our members Prepare some extra names….get more young people..

Mansor : Machang bubok ada resentlment..(problem)  he (incumbent) might not get it..

Question: Resistant from where?

Mansor replied: Dalam kawasan pun ada,,, Die (hock leong) pun ada history sikit tak brapa (turn kawasan)…kita tak mau kata..i sayang la die..we were together.. i was chairman and he was timbalan…u kene cakap hock leong..nanti i tak mau die bertanding bebas.. Mansor : Pusat might throw in kai loon (for machang bubok)…he is from penang what.. Others in meeting objected.. Mansor said : He is from Bukit Mertajam you know..permatang pauh..

Question: What is our strategy in getting more seat from DAP in future?

Mansor:  Where? In Penang? We prepare ghost areas lah.. get prepared.. die orang lawan satu u orang lawan la..

Statement: The watihah will be issue if there is 3-corner fight..

Mansor: We hope not happen..kita pun tau dap tak strong.. Guan eng macam tokong u know..to the chinese… U cannot deny that..he is just like a tokong… Itu yg buat die org sombng,,,very2 angkuh and arrogant.. Get ourselves stronger.. Every seat kita target nak bertanding..kene ada orang Stock ready candidates for areas nak bertanding I have already asked Lau to identify areas for pkr to stand Die lawan kacau tampat kita, kite kene lawan

* apa yang nak disampaikan oleh Dr Mansor adalah kemungkinan DAP mahu membolot kemenangan DAP hanya untuk parti mereka. PKR tidak boleh ambil mudah dengan kemungkinan ini. Andai kata pertembungan PKR dan DAP berlaku di Pulau Pinang – maknanya. Pakatan Rakyat akan dengan sendirinya GAGAL.

** apakah dalam keadaan PRU semakin hampir, masih perlu ada elemen ketidakpercayaan di antara parti dalam PR? ini semua membayangkan pemikiran ‘konspirasi’ yang akan melanda sesama sendiri.

*** apakah DAP memang mempunyai pemikiran untuk mendapatkan PP sebagai ‘Negeri Cina’ yang tidak bergantung kepada mana-mana parti lain termasuk PKR dan PAS.


15 thoughts on “Minutes PKR Pulau Penang leaked out! Mansor criticised Lim Guan Eng is a dictator and Chinese god!

  1. Penang PKR did not receive the due respect from DAP in Penang. They are not invited to many occassions or functions. DAP treat them like second class politicians and they have no say in Penang.

  2. 槟城公正党主席曼梳澄清,日前外泄上网的文件并非正式会议记录,而是州主席与党员的会面。

  3. 公正党会议记录泄漏?单看这点我真的怀疑。一个政党的会议记录岂非可以乱泄漏的咩?哈哈,我国媒体还真会做新闻的啊,当然楼主这篇是来自网络新闻。不过我相信只要有不利民联的新闻,我国媒体可是第一个时间报道,快过CNN, BBC的。

  4. 那就更加奇怪了,会议记录是该党机密文件,也不是向公众公布的数据,记者问起的真相更加不能成立不是吗?



  5. It is really funny !
    What readers of this web page has been saying all this while, about the arrogance of LGE and his “cockiness”, were quickly denied and rebuts by DAP pros.


    Even those in his camp are not spared!

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