Water shortage concerns impacting investment in Selangor!


Businessmen posed a flurry of questions to the state government over the status of water supply in Selangor as they are concerned about the impact a shortage might have on their investments in the state.

About a dozen businessmen shot question after question at Selangor Economic Planning Unit (Upen) deputy director Nor Azmie Diron after the latter gave a short presentation on the water supply situation in the state.

Nor Azmie said the problem was in the distribution of treated water, and not at the production stage.  He continued to blame Syabas’ distributive capacity.

“We are producing enough treated water, but the question is: How are we channelling the 4,809MLD to the consumers?” he said.

On the other hand, Agriculture and Agro-Based Industry Minister Datuk Seri Noh Omar said the Selangor government should cooperate to resolve the issue and not accuse the federal government and Syarikat Bekalan Air Selangor Sdn Bhd (Syabas).

“They want to be heroes in all issues at the expense of the people. The BN government is willing to do anything for the people but the Selangor government only wants to play politics.”

He slammed the Selangor government for paying Syabas (public money) to provide free water to the people.

“The distribution is also wrong as it is given to the rich and poor although it should only be given to the poor.”

Mohamad Fuad, who was involved in Sungai Langat 2 project study in the 80s, said a sustainable and reliable solution to the Selangor water crisis must be found.

“The water treatment plants in Selangor are running at 120 percent capacity 24 hours daily and this will have consequences.”

Malaysia People urge the Selangor government to look into the water crisis with full responsibility and sincerity.  Selangor government can continue to blame the Federal Government and Syabas for distributing the water below the optimum level.  They can continue to play with issue of non revenue water but once the interests of the People and businessmen are sacrificed, the Selangor government will have no excuse for being ignorance to the welfare of Selangor People.

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2 thoughts on “Water shortage concerns impacting investment in Selangor!

    • But Selangor PR keep denying the plants are running above their capacity limit and misleading the innocent people to believe that the supply is sufficient.

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