A heroic welcome to Lee Chong Wei! Thank you for the Olympic Silver Medal!

Chong Wei being escorted out upon his arrival at KLIA  

Hundreds of Malaysians waving flags and banners to show their support welcomed home badminton hero Datuk Lee Chong Wei at the KL International Airport on Tuesday.

Chong Wei thanked everyone for their support “but I am disappointed not to bring home the gold.”

He said he intended to compete for the next two years, and after that “see how long more I can play.”

He expressed his intention to take part in the Commonwealth Games and the China Badminton League, adding that he would play in the 2016 Olympic Games if he is in good shape.

Malaysia People would like to give Lee Chong Wei a heroic welcome and thank him for the Olympic Silver Medal which has inspired the Malaysians especially the new generation to have the fighting spirit and determination for the glory of Malaysia. 

Malaysia People believe Lee Chong Wei will bring more glories to our country and make us proud to be Malaysian.  Because of Lee Chong Wei, we learnt the meaning of unity.  


16 thoughts on “A heroic welcome to Lee Chong Wei! Thank you for the Olympic Silver Medal!

      • If Malaysia has excellent achievement, this is will the result of BN. That’s why DAP hate to see Malaysia has god achievement.

      • What achievement you are talking about? Corruption no.1, Malaysia is going to bankrupt because you all MCA dogs!

      • Sohai, you keep talking BN but forgotten PR is the most corrupted party with Anwar the ex DPM and treasurer.

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