The Fall of Khalid and Selangor Government in Next General Election??

Corruption and Cronyism!  These are the 2 most hated and intolerable political practices in Malaysia!

Last 308 General Election, Pak Lah-led BN was near to the demise  of their  political life simply because PR had successfully linked BN to the practice of corruption and cronyism.  On the contrary, PR preached competency, accountability and transparency and managed to win the heart of the voters.

4 years later, Khalid and his Selangor government are put under the spotlight to prove if they really practise what they preach or it is just an empty promise.

Yes, Khalid and his Selangor exco still owe the People a truthful answer for its RM676 million Talam “bail-out”.   Malaysia People had tried week after week to get a truthful explanation from Khalid about the questionable valuation and rationale, but all the efforts are in vain.

Khalid has failed to show the competency in completing and delivering the White Paper as promised 2 years ago and he also failed to answer our 4 questions transparently:

1)   Why Selangor government offered “magical figure” of RM181million for Bestari Land when a valuation done by its state-listed company on a similar piece of land came up with only RM81million?

2)  Why Selangor government offered RM87.7 million for the allegedly 80% submerged Danau Land, when it was only worth RM30.4 million based on the auction price?

3)  Why PNSB was forced to take a supersized RM230 million loan and incurred RM86 million interests to acquire land from Menteri Besar Incorporated (MBI), formerly belonging to Talam, as part of the debt settlement deal?

4)  What is rationale of Selangor to incur net loss of RM243.3 million (RM157.3 million overvaluation + RM86 million bank interests) to acquire the impaired lands which have no realisable value and make no difference to the doubtful debt by Talam?

Malaysia People strongly reprimand Khalid and Selangor government for their failure to provide a truthful answer promptly as Malaysia People have the rights to know whether the RM676 million “bail-out” are associated to the corruption and cronyism.

If Khalid and his Selangor exco continue to remain silence and allow Tony Pua to lead the show like a political clown with misleading information, they must be prepared to lose their creditability and power in the coming General Election.

Khalid and his exco may deny that their creditability has completely collapsed in Selangor now but one thing is for sure, their creditability is falling to its lowest as the questionable valuation and the white paper of Talam’s RM676 million “bail-out” remain unanswered.

The fall of Khalid and his Selangor government in next General Election will serve as a lesson to Pakatan Rakyat that Malaysia People do not want to be fooled around by the political clowns and failure to deliver the promise of the accountability, competency and transparency.

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90 thoughts on “The Fall of Khalid and Selangor Government in Next General Election??

      • Dear L3,
        You tried to show how well you understand the subject at hand, but instead it only demean and degrade your intelligence. You can only curse and swear…..nothing but foul smells comes out. If you have something intelligent to say then say it. Try to WIN your case by telling us your side of the coin. We are open minded and willing to hear your argument. DON’T JUST SWEAR AND CURE!

        You are, infact, showing the rest of Malaysian that it is this type of people that is promoting and supporting PR.


  1. stupid ex, you like to argue, you can argue with Tony, no need to hide here. Go, I will give you thumb up if you have courage to argue with Tony. I will not waste my time so the best way to teach you is to scold you until you repent.

    • As i have said earlier, if you want people to lean onto your side,you need to state your case. Your outburst only prove your standard.

      I am just a simple guy not a politician, nevertheless, a concerned citizen. My priorities is my children’s future not the politicians nor party interests.

      Unlike you, I try to see ALL sides of the coin….not just the PR side.
      You are so blinded, you cant even see the elephant in front of your nose but can see the ant on the other side of the river.

      BN has done wrongs, in fact many wrongs. But that doesn’t mean PR can do wrongs yet being defended strongly by its loyal members. If its wrong… is WRONG! That’s why people voted for CHANGE.

      But if it is the same old thing…..then what is the difference!

      To me the main difference is… PAS!
      DAP sold its soul to PAS, and together DAP hopes to get into POWER.

      • This is where you are very wrong or ignorant. BN has been very wrong for so many years. There is no reason to trust them anymore, Najib or not Najib makes no difference. As for PR, we have NOT caught them doiung any wrong yet. Furthermore, no change, no improvement. We must CHANGE(as you mentioned) and no more BN, and give PR a chance.

        You are also wrong on the DAP and PAS part, they never sold themselves, they CO_OPERATE, do you understand it ? Ask the Kelantanists, they are are very happy all these yeras, so don’t try to use relialion or Islamic issues. Those are just political gimmicks. Wake up !!

      • Hi Stanley, I don’t agree with you that DAP and PAS should cooperate for power. This ends up like Kedah people who voted PR because they listened to DAP but when they found out PAS deceived them and DAP is not there to help.

      • I am also party-less and also want my children to have a better future. I agree with for first two paragraphs only, but from the third paragraphs onwards, you have shown yr colours.

        As I see it, you are not seeing all sides but are just set your own conclusion
        base on the reports from political owned media and this particular blog. But
        now it looks like Chua Tee Yong has made a very serious blunder. As an Accountant, it is a taboo to make assumption. He must be accurate in his figures and dates. Instead of looking into it thoroughly, he just choose to be adamant and just shoot as he please. Maybe he has put too much trust to the people around him or he may be just too lazy. He should have requested for a close door discussion with Tony Pua when the latter rebutted his claims. But, he is just too arrogant and egoistic and radical Tony for not able to read financial statements and do not know maths. This make a lot of people angry. Frankly speaking I was angry too. We are all human and we make mistakes. I hope he has learned his lesson well.

        Since you agree that BN has done many wrongs. Why not have a change and let PR prove their worth. We cannot assume that PR will be the same. I know that easier said than done. But if we don’t dare to take risk there may not be any gain. It is the same for any businessman, if they don’t change according to the trend and needs, they will be obsoleted. The same goes to a wage earner, if they think that there are no opportunities for advancement, it is better for them to change to greener pasture. If PR is not good, we can always vote them out.

        It is very unkind to say DAP sold it soul to PAS. By saying this, you have opened yourself to let people condemn you. Let your children be proud you.

        Last but not least, I hope you can tell those in MCA and who are still in power
        to also speak up and disclosed the wrongdoings of their BN counterparts. Go
        ahead to check PR too. Bring out the dirty linens of other states too. Don’t just
        go for Selangor and Penang only. If MCA can do this, the people of Malaysia
        will love them.

      • Dear Stanley,
        You say they cooperate…….that’s the problem, they sold their soul and cooperate.
        Mr Kapal already said over his dead body, but he is still around and still saying he don’t agree with PAS….. BUT HE STILL ‘COOPERATING’
        Mr Nik Az already say they PAS will NEVER abandon their aspiration.

        So are you trying to FOOL Malaysian again.

        By the way, Kelantan has NOT YET implement PAS ISLAMIC laws YET. they WILL implement PAS HUDUD once they have the opportunity of 2/3, which DAP IS HELPING them to achieve.

  2. The number speaks for itself. I dont believe the lands are worth so much given that they are submerged in water. I don’t understand why Selangor government make this stupid moves.

    • You are mislead by the papers. Selangor government made the right moves. At leaste they recovered the Talam debts(caused by BN government) which otherwise could turn into bad debts.

      • I don’t see the debt is recovered but, instead, selangor state govt is burdened with borrowings and need to pay bank borrowings interests.

      • TALAM’S debt was always TALAM doing…..nothing to do with BN.
        TALAM corporate business or directions werent run by BN GOVERNMENT. ……….so don’t try to link them together like you always use to do.
        The previous state government was trying to get back it’s money.
        But now the debt has be comes the new state government problem and TALAM
        is debt free.

    • Don’t jump into conclusion so fast. Now it looks like some of the S&P agreement and the offered price was done in 2005/2006. I do hope that this blog will also put up topics like NFC, LRT- Ampang Extension, PKFZ, Scorpene, SEDA, LYNAS, SYABAS etc. for discussions. It is very healthy to share and discuss national issues of interests here since this blog it is called Malaysia People Voice. It must not be biased, thus making look like MCA blog.

    • ACCA, this is what Chua must find out. If it is not true, Chua can then tell all the people when was it signed. This is not the way to challenge and ask for proof. If you want proof, you must find it with solid evidence. No body is going to admit that they rob or steal. It is the police job to look for evidence and nab then.

      Does this answer your question?

  3. After all, all these SHIT was inherit from previous government….The present government is simply corrected all these shiiiiit..

    • It is true that the present government should correct the shit but why they can’t show the white paper that there is no overvaluation.

      • They showed but the Stars don’t publish them. You should have attended the talk last 2 days which Chua was also invited to attend. Of course, he did not show up. We understand everything from it. Now I know how dirty is politics, Star owned by MCA and how much money the previous Selangor Government lost.

      • Hi ACCA, what makes you think that the is overvaluation. Are u referring to all the force sale price that Chua mentioned. Bear in mind the all auction price are much much lower than market price.

        Let me tell us this. Some of the contractors and sub-contractors of Puncak Jalil and other sites in Puchong, could not collect their payment from Talam/Maxisegar. So Talam offered them to take up some units of the houses/properties to contra off the debts. Instead of fighting in court, the contractors opted to take the houses. During the time, many house buyers were crying foul over the delay in delivery of vacant possession. Many could not pay the bank interests and on the verge of being sued by the banks. Many went bankrupt.

        Finally with the Selangor government’s intervention, these houses was finally completed and hand over. Whether the credit should be given to PR or BN, it does not matter. Bottom line is these lower income group of people finally have
        their houses.

        At that time, some of them have to sell their house at a loss because while waiting they have committed in another house. Therefore, they need to sell it quick to ease their burden. Today, the houses there are selling like hot cakes up by at least 50% of the purchase price.

        Therefore, Chua cannot compare the value at different time. If he want to call it a bail-out, it is fine. as long as the bail-out help the people and did not benefit the cronies.

        The BN government, also uses EPF and Khazanah to bail-out so many Mega-projects and companies.

        The people of Malaysia would like MCA or Chua to looked into these and make us understand more like what he did to the PR government. That’s good check and balance that we need.

    • The problems were TALAM’s, and the previous BN government couldn’t help them. However the present government with their magical wands ALL of TALAM’s debt were settled and transferred to the state.

      So I am also asking the state government to also swing their magical wands onto my credit card bills and housing loans, so that I am FREE from debt.

      • ExDAP, in your earlier post you are lecturing L3 for his rude language. Over here you are taking the same language.

        Cool down, don’t let your anger overrule your mind. Not good if your children find out.

        You are asking for the impossible. Your problem can be solved if you spend less and change to a smaller house. Or asked the present government to take stringent measures on Corruptions and Croynisms. Use the tax that we have paid wisely and that is should benefit every Malaysian irrespective of their race.

      • Dear TL LEE,
        When I said L3 was rude, he was posting with words like “you morons”, “you suck bananas” .

        I don’t recall using any such words…. You are so eager to defend pro PR writers, you therefore are agreeing to usage of such words in this web page.

        By the way, you mentioned you are party less…..I seriously doubt it!

      • ExDAP, you mean to say your word are kind and pure. Please go for soul search course. I thought u say ‘you are a just a simple guy, not a politician’.

        So are you a politician, or are you a ‘POLITIKUS’?

    • There was a debt brought forward, no doubt, but selangor state government should continue to recover the debt without incurring more losses.

      If they do not know how to recover debts without incurring additional costs, it is better not to recover.

    • I believe that irrespective of MCA or PR web page, we the rakyat of Malaysia are allowed to give our Two Sens worth concerning of our life here in Malaysia. That’s the whole purpose of FREEDOM OF SPEECH, which DAP constantly shout about.

      However when things said differently about DAP, they immediately GAG or better BAN those people. This is actually happening now!
      So where is the freedom of speech?


      • By the way, I too post my two sen worth at MToday and MInsider, however they delete and dont post my comments in their web.


        Comments that befits them are posted whereas others are deleted.

      • They threatened to take legal suit on CTY to stop him from disclosing more details. Where is the freedom of speech?

      • ExDAP and PWC, yes u are right, Anonymous should not say that. Nevermind about that, let him release his anger. If you scold him than they will be no end to it. We must be patient to tell them nicely, just like how you teach your children.

        Please understand that by threatening a law suit is not a GAG or BAN or NO FREEDOM OF SPEECH. If one person Accused, Tell Lies and Spread Rumors about another person. He/She must have solid evidence before he/she talks. Otherwise be prepared to be sued. There is no two ways about it.

        Bear in mind that BN politicians also do this. The most recent one that I can remember is Datuk Fong Chan Oon. Of course I remember Lim Guan Eng/GT Loo’s case.

        If GT Loo is sure and have evidence, he should said it again outside the State Assembly and allow Lim Guan Eng to take up the case. Challenge Lim Guan Eng in court. If you accused people, you must pay for the price. If you are correct, the accused must be penalised.

        It becomes a GAG Order or No Freedom of Speech when there is a threat that Police will Detained the person if he continues to talk. This is what of government of today is doing.

        On ‘BAN’, correct me if I am wrong, I think you are referring to blocking and deleting comment on their blog. Never mind just don’t go to their blog. If they cannot take criticism, why bother to give your 2 sens. To be fair, some MCA page/blog also do that. We are all human being, like to hear good things.

      • The accusations are started by the Star Papers(MCA owned) and Chua. Tony and Selangor Government defended well already but the Papers(government controlled) don’t publish them. In fact Chua was also invited to debate with Tony but he chickened out. Malaysia has freedom of speech but not freedom of news.
        Lucky there is the internet where we can all learn, understand and evaluate….you can check their blogs.

  4. Whenever the news or criticism is unfavourable to DAP, their first reaction is to accuse the media or author is controlled by BN. Same old tactic.

    • This Is not tactics but the truth. Don’t you know Malaysia media is controlled or owned by government ? You don’t know Star papers owned by mca and mca is .created to control the Chinese?

    • I subscribe to The Star and still do. However, for some political issues which is of interests, I will read from other media such the SUN, Malaysian Insiders, Malaysian Chronicles and Mkini so as to get a better understanding. Sorry I don’t know about Utusan or the Chinese papers.

      I found what is reported in The Star differ from the rests of the media. Whatever is unfavourable to the opposition not only DAP, they will make it juicier but will only write very briefly if it favour them and vice versa for MCA and BN.

      Common all of them attended the same press conference, why the reports differ so much. The Star is not doing any good by doing so. The same goes to the government control TV stations as compared to what we see on Youtube.

      Therefore, you cannot blame DAP or other opposition parties for being suspicious. You will also be angry if you have a friend who are not neutral and also take another side. Don’t you?

      • DAP is always in denial mode when the news are against them. When Lim Guan Eng won the court case against Utusan, they asked people to read the related news published in the Star. But when the Tony lost the court case in defamation and the Talam news are reported in the Star, he asked people to boycott the newspaper. Do you see any BN leaders act like DAP always tell people to boycott media? So far, I did not BN leaders tell their supporters to boycott Malaysiakini, The Rocket, Harakah etc. Do you want to comment on DAP who always use double standard in killing the freedom of speech?

      • It’s good for the oppositions to prove to the people that our government cannot be trusted with The Star papers.

    • Never mind, DAP, BN or anybody can asked people to do this and that. It is not that people will listen to them. I still read The Star. The Star and Utusan is still selling very well. So don’t be angry.

      People with the right mind will not follow blindly. Politicians will always say good about themselves and bad about their opponents. In fact not only politicians, every human being are like that.

      Lets be rationale and don’t be swayed away by politicians. Elect the one that we think they can serve the people and not their masters. But if you are a MCA member, I don’t blame you. You have your choice.

      • I beg to differ here. We should not vote based
        on who is the people but the party. The Kelantanists are right. They don’t care if a goat or cow represents their area as long as it is PAS. As long as our present government is proven to be incompetent, we must change.

      • Yes, Selangor governemnt promised the white paper 2 years ago but they are incompetent to complete it until now. We should change it for its incompetency.

    • Certain people are good at certain things. Tony is good at figures. He is helping the Selangor Govt which is part of PR. That’s is call friend. Anything wrong?

      • Tony is good at figures? The fact is he made a blunt mistake on current assets and total assets. He does not know about Talam deal so what he said is without solid facts.

    • You say Tony doesn’t know about Talam. Do you know? Does Chua knows?

      When BN was the Selangor state government, Was Chua there?. Now that BN is the opposition in Selangor, is Chua an MP or Adun for Selangor?

      If Chua insists that only MB Khalid knows and should talk, Then, perhaps Chua should not involve but get a BN representatives who was with Selangor previously and is still one now.

      Please don’t use the current assets and total assets to attack Tony.
      Frankly, I think Tony knows very well. Even my son who studied Principle of Accounts in school knows. Please, not only qualified accountant knows what is asset. Even an account executive who can do a full set of accounts will know.

      • Why do you think Tony knows very well? I wonder why he did a mistake which your son will not, i think. I am still wondering what is the role of Tony in this Talam deal? Or he just play a role of diverting the attention of public.

      • Tony explained the accounts very well. I have accounting background and even my friend who attended with me who don’t understand accounts can understand. The fact that the Papers don’t publish them proved will our government cannot be trusted. Already 50 years. We don’t want to be fooled any longer.

    • If this is what you think. No want should stop you. Go a head. This is your rights. However, I shall not prolong this discussion with you any longer.

      Just my 2sens. I think you are young and energetic, you should join politics if you are not one yet. Stand for election so that you can speak for the people of Malaysia and make this country a better place. Thank you.

    • What role is porn star Chua’s son role in Selangor then ?
      Why care who is voicing it ? Every Malaysian has the right to voice out. Further more, those accounts are not confidential. Anyone can get it. So Khalid don;t has to waste his time answering false accusations. He is probably busy chasing other debts created by BN’s time.

  5. Their style is to have people who aren’t involved speaks on others behalf, if any statements are factually wrong then you can’t say they are lying. They only misread the financial report or mistaken the figures.

    People who were involved DIDN’T murmur any statement. This TONY know-it-all speaks for all in PR. Wonder why he kept SILENCE on the recent PAS’s HUDUD agenda.

    • Because Tony is not good in religious matter. He should keep quiet. He is correct. If not sure, better keep quiet.

    • I agree with Anonymous on this. DAP as a party on the whole has made it clear that they will not accept HUDUD. Just as MCA had said the same. MCA also never said a thing when Tun Mahathir said that Malaysia is a Islamic State. MCA also didn’t press for Perkasa, Ibrahim Ali, to apologise for call non-muslim ‘Pendatang’

      We don’t have to bother much who will talk on behalf of who. As long as the
      facts are there. You need not think of an excuse for them. If he said wrongly, the people will know how corner him.

      If you are saying like this. MCA also do the same. Recently they have Liow Tiong Lai speaking about Chinese education. I thought it is better to leave to to Wee Ka Siong to take care. Whereas Liow should concentrate on Health. Alright Liow is the Deputy President, he can talk, but than if he is unable answer certain question, he can also say that he has misinterpreted.

      Just like the WWW15 fiasco, it is so embarrassing that three high ranking MCA big guns have to explain such a simple matter. The three of them were Liow Teong Lai, Chua Soi Lek and Kong Chong Ha. Liow could have just admit that he has tender for it using his own money. I think its only RM24K (if not wrong). Surely, he can afford it, it is not RM240,000.00.

      • When you said Liow Teong Lai should leave the education matters to Wee Ka Siong because Liow is not in charge of education matters, this prove you have double standard here when you support Tony to comment on Talam deal on behalf of Khalid. Did Tony play any role in Talam deal? Does he know what happen? Can what he said represent the state government? The answer is NO. Tony can’t answer the overvaluation but he ony opt for publicity.

      • PAS insistence on HUDUD, and turning Malaysia into PAS ISLAMIC is different from the current Islam practiced in Malaysia.



        Thats the PAS ISLAMIC!

    • Deceive All People, but it was ExDAP who say that “their style is to have people who aren’t involved speaks on others behalf”. I am just answer to his posting and rationalised with him. Mentioning Liow is just a comparison that BN and MCA also does that. Thats all.

      I do not want to come to such argument with you.

      • TL Lee, who do think is the best person to answer this Talam bail out issue? Is Khalid made the decision to bail out Talam? I wonder who can have all the answer other than Khalid who is the MB Selangor.

      • People who still claim that Khalid used Selangor money to BAIL out talam already proved them are not honest or ignorant. Selangor government recovered the debts from talam which are all caused by previous .bn time.

  6. Whoever stated this blog is IGNORANT.
    Last 2 days, Tony Pua and others already explained everything in Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall and Subang. Those news and figures provided above and published in the Stars are not correct. Bear in mind, Star is MCA-owned. They have to do it in order to help MCA.
    Those who wish to know the whole truth can visit of his facebook.
    All Talam deals that caused Selangor Government so much millions are made during BN’s time. In a nutshell,the present Selangor Government actually recovered all the debts, which otherwise will go into “bad debts” if managed by previous government.
    Ask yourself, why didn’t the Star published what the Selangor Government, Tony Pua and Trinity(formerly Talam’s recent statements ?). It show the Star is making false or wrong reports.

    • I went to Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall to listen to what Tony want to tell us but disappointed that no details were disclosed on the valuation basis by Tony. It was political speech forum with no intention to clarify the whole transaction.

      • Yes. I can read chinese. But this round I am not convinced by Tony who did not disclose the valuation details and which valuer the Selangor government engaged for this assignment.

      • Are u honest ? How come all others understand it well but not you ? IF Tony did not present the accounts well, how come chua and the Stars kept quiet already ?

    • Selangor state government made a mistake like my former company did, they incurred legal fees to recover a debt. When they recovered the debt that time, they realized the legal fees incurred are more than the debt recovered.

      • Very odd case. If they have already pursued the matter, they have to continue and cannot stopped half way. This is one of the business strategy.

      • I think it is better to stop all this Talam issue. It looks so silly. If Chua or anyone are still not satisfied, wait for the auditors report that MB Khalid had promised.

        There are so many other bigger issues that MCA (being part of the federal government, BN) can help the people to find out.

        Anonymous, the accountant from your company ought to be sacked. He should know very well what it incurred. Or maybe some company bosses have a big ego and too much money that they don’t mind taking up a legal case just to punished the debtors.

        If Chua is still not satisfied and feels that his points are all correct, then take upon other avenue. Please don’t confuse the people anymore in the media. Majority of the people do not actually understand such a complex issue.

        What the people know is these is actually something for the coming GE13 election. That is why both parties refuse to let go. One keep attacking and another keep defending. If it is not for GE13, this issue will not come out.

        It is more detrimental to MCA really.

      • I wonder wy Selangor PR govt can stop the water agreement with Syabas but they cannot stop this agreement if all the prices are seems overvalued. Are Selangor PR is giving an excuse to blame the ex-govt again?

      • You are wrong. No one argue about legal frees. Selangor recovered the debts from talam in full. If still under bn, you think it can be recovered ?

      • Selangor government incur million of bank interests to acquire the lands submerged in water. I really cannot understand what is inside their mind.

      • Selangor Voter, they can rear crocodiles in water submerged land. All the corrupt buggers and cronies can put them together with the crocodiles.

      • Stanley, don’t try to fool us again. If there is good governance practised by Selangor government, where is the white paper and valuation report? Obviously, there is no governance at all.

    • Stanley,
      First of all, DAP only reveal that the previous state government did the original debt agreement as TALAM were being litigated. The agreement was to try to get back the dues owned by TALAM. That was in 2006, as all people knows the state government CHANGED HANDS in 2008. So from then till now which is 4 years, the new state government should do its DUE DILIGENCE and get the best deal done.

      Agreeing to a parcel of land underwater shows LACKS OF DUE DILIGENCE. And that’s only one item….there are several others!

      • No point to blame BN now after PR took over the state government since 4 years ago. They should take FULL responsibility for their decisions. From the water supply and Talam case, they made different decisions, one they did not follow the previous agreement, another one, they said they abide by previous agreement. But both cases they blame BN.

      • Selangor voter, better put you in charge than you can settle all the problems in 4 days.

  7. I smell some fishy thing here. First, they want to take legal actions against MCA to stop the information being discussed. Now they blamed BN for entering into this transaction. 0_0 is right, if they can choose not to follow the concessionaire agreement why they must follow this Talam agreement. No excuses.

  8. This web page has become an important target of pro PR supporters. The earlier readers MUST have steps on their tails.

    If one look at the previous numbers of comments, it varies from 10+ to about 30+. Now the comments are fast and furious like MInsiders. The comments has reached 70+.

    Waves and waves of different sides are coming…..ITS A TSUNAMI from all sides.

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