Tony was caught “cheating” by Tee Yong? Selangor PR at its lowest credibility?

Two days ago,  Pua told the People that PNSB had total assets of RM761 and RM823  million in 2010 and 2011 respectively.  He claimed that total assets of PNSB had increased to RM823 million in 2011 from 2008 and 2009, which were RM111  million and RM115 million.

Is this true?

Yesterday, Chua Tee Yong showed us that the total assets of PNSB had never increased from RM111  million in 2008 to RM823 million in 2011.  It was totally not true and incorrect.  The RM111 million is not the total assets but only the current assets.

After Chua Tee Yong pointed out the misleading statement made by Tony, Tony Pua admitted today that he made a “mistake” when he extracted the 2008 and 2009 figures from the wrong column in the PNSB balance sheet.

How can Tony make a simple mistake like this?    Even the fresh graduate from accountancy will not make this kind of low level mistake and Tony claimed himself the DAP spokesman on the economy.  Obviously, Tony has misled the People into believing there was a significant increase in PNSB’s total assets with his irresponsible remarks.

Selangor People want Tony to apologise publicly for giving the misleading information.  He must be responsible for his statement especially when it is related to question whether Selangor government has misused the public funds.

If he continues with the irresponsible remarks without a public apology, Malaysia People will know why Selangor PR is at its lowest credibility now because there is no Competent, Transparent and Accountability in Selangor as what PR always tells us.

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15 thoughts on “Tony was caught “cheating” by Tee Yong? Selangor PR at its lowest credibility?

      • ubah, i feel sad for you. you are brain wash by PR to believe their lies. clearly, Tony is misleading people with the incorrect number.

  1. Tony is really a clown. Please don’t pretend to be economic expert anymore. He can’t even read the simple financial statements.

      • if you are really so good, why not you come out to fight Tony in the election. I bet you will lose your deposit, stupid.

  2. It is misleading indeed. Tony can’t compare total assets with current assets. He is not comparing apple with apple.

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