Selangor Government: YOU ARE LYING!! SHAME ON YOU!!

Following MB Khalid’s statement on “water overflows”, Selangor exco member Ronnie Liu today reiterated that water levels at all 7 dams in Selangor are at peak capacity.  Indirectly, Selangor government is telling its People that those who insisted water shortage in Selangor are lying.

“We are warning Syabas not to manufacture a water crisis just because it can.”

“Federal government had been making different arguments, depending on whose press conference one attended.”

“So, they have been coming up with different kinds of stories. Even ministers have come up with different stories.”

“So we want to tell the whole world that we don’t have a shortage of water. We do not have a shortage of raw water. We also do not have a shortage of treated water.”

These are the accusations and affirmation from Selangor government.

But Energy, Green Technology, and Water Minister Peter Chin today together with two photographs showed the proof that the treated water reservoir at Loji Imbangan Puncak Niaga, Sungai Langat, is at an alarmingly low level, just about half a metre instead of the usual three metres.

Other other hand, Association of Water and Energy Research Malaysia (AWER) asked Selangor government immediately stop giving misleading press statements on the current water issue as it was causing unnecessary panic among consumers.

“The core issue is not raw water but the supply of treated water, which is unable to keep pace with the rising demand,” said AWER.

Syabas technical services executive director V. Subramaniam also criticised Khalid for  confusing the public with statements that these were “full and overflowing”.

“The crisis had nothing to do with how much raw water was currently available in the state’s dams, the water crisis is due to the shortfall in the amount of treated water to meet increasing demand”

Who is LYING?  Malaysia People are interested to know.

When the industry expert is saying the treated water is insufficient in Selangor, why Selangor government confused its People with raw water?  Can the raw water be used before it is treated?  Can Selangor government differentiate the difference between raw water and treated water?  Perhaps, this could be the reason why Selangor government had bought the lands with water from Talam at amazing price!!

Selangor People strongly demand Selangor government to show the proof that there is overflow of TREATED water to meet the demanding needs in Selangor. 

Selangor government can accuse others lying or “manufacturing” the water crisis however Selangor government should remember that failing to show the proof that the treated water is overflowing, Selangor government will be the ULTIMATE LIAR who cheat its People.

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11 thoughts on “Selangor Government: YOU ARE LYING!! SHAME ON YOU!!

    • They think they can easily blind and confuse all people. Yes, they can deceive a lot of people but they are unable to deceive all.

      • Imagin a lot of raw meat in the fridge and not enough cook meat for the customers, the restaurant boss the ask the customers to eat the raw meat.

  1. It is shameful for selangor government not to know the difference between treated water and raw water. Can we drink raw water, khalid?

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