Two fatal delays of Selangor Government blow up people’s welfare and interests!

Selangor government is definitely voted as the headlines king of all the newspapers for this month.  However, the headlines have brought more harm than good to their reputation as being an expert in delaying its deliverables and promises. 

The first fatal delay –  the White Paper of Selangor-Talam’s “bail out” which is supposed to be released 2 years ago.  Until now, Selangor government is still unable to deliver the White Paper as promised but they instead want to appoint 5 audit firms to review the RM676 million deal.  Malaysia People can clearly see that Selangor government do not care about the People’s money for engaging 5 audit firms and the People will just take a guess that their intention is to further delay the Valuation and ratonale of the deal to be revealed.  Perhaps, Selangor government can enlighten us its rationale of engaging 5 audit firms as well as its rationale of taking over the “free water” lands with overvalued price this week. 

The second fatal delay –  the Selangor water crisis.  MB Khalid has always told Selangor People that there will not be water shortage in Selangor in opposing to what the industry experts said.  But now Selangor People is facing the threat of water shortage and water rationing.

As a recap, Selangor government has been given the mandate 4 years ago to complete the restructuring of the water industry in Selangor.  Of course, Selangor government failed to accomplish the task as the offers of Selangor government to the water operators were turned down several times.  The market analysts criticised Selangor  government’s offers were not “sincere” and not commercially justifiable but it was more like a political show to gain publicity.      

Selangor government will not increase the water tariff like what Penang government did in Penang for sure.  We all know Penang government increased its water tariff in order to encourage its People to save water and environmental friendly.  But this will not happen in Selangor for sure as Selangor government owe Syabas billion of ringgit due to its propaganda “free water” policy.  If Selangor government allow the water tariff to go up, they will be at the risks of bankruptcy.

However, the welfare and interests of the People should be above everything.  Selangor government should not give any excuses to further delay the water issues and Talam’s “bail out” valuation.  Selangor government must take full responsibility if wrong decisions were made by them.

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