Selangor government must resolve the water issues before Selangor hit by water crisis!

The water issues in Selangor have been dragged for 4 years yet there is still no solution at sight.

The water issues remain unresolved today due to the failure of Selangor government to complete the water restructuring exercise with the water operators and the refusal of Selangor government in approving the land for the construction of Langat 2 water treatment plant.

Minister Datuk Seri Peter Chin Fah Kui said he could not speed up by forcing the existing operators to sell their assets to the government under normal circumstances.

Chin repeated his call to the Selangor state government to not link the water industry restructuring exercise with the construction of the Langat 2 water treatment plant.

He said the issue of water shortage must be addressed urgently, but there was plenty of time to negotiate the water industry restructuring deal.

Malaysiapeoplevoice agree with Chin that the water issues in Selangor must be addressed urgently.  Selangor government should not use water restructuring as a reason to delay the water supply as they are given 4 years to complete the exercise.

Selangor government should listen to the industry expert that water crisis is going to hit Selangor and not fooling the people that there is still sufficient water in Selangor.  Or maybe Selangor government is confused with the water supply and the water “acquired” from Talam. 

Selangor government is tasked to ensure no water crisis which will deteriorate the living quality of the People and discourage the investment in Selangor. 


More cost efficient to build Langat 2 water treatme

Peter Chin: Federal take over of water concessionaires only in emergenciesnt plant, says Government


One thought on “Selangor government must resolve the water issues before Selangor hit by water crisis!

  1. State government shouldn’t blame other but must resolve this issue immediately. This has been in talk for 4 years yet no solutions.

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