Chua Tee Yong revealed 4 more controversial lands in Selangor government – Talam deal!!

4 more controversial lands in Selangor government – Talam deal are revealed!!  This time the lands are priced at RM87.7 million but the controversial lands are either partially or fully submerged in water.

Is this true? Selangor government has to answer to the people because this involves RM676 million.  The money which belong to the people.

Is this all or there are many more?  Selangor government must give a satisfactory asnwer to the People and release the White Paper on deals immediately.

MCA exposes controversial land deal in Danau Putra involving S’gor govt

KUALA LUMPUR: MCA has exposed another controversial deal involving the Selangor government and Talam Corporation Bhd, this time involving four plots of land in Danau Putra, Sepang said to involve RM87.7mil.

MCA Young Professionals Bureau chairman Datuk Chua Tee Yong told a press conference on Tuesday that one plot of land, which was acquired for RM43.3mil, was totally submerged in water.

“The other three plots are partially submerged in water,” he added.

He claimed that the fully submerged land was auctioned off for RM15mil, which is RM28.3mil lower than the price to acquire the land.

“80% of the area is submerged in water. Plot A (priced at RM18.3mil) is submerged two-third, Plot B (priced at RM43.3mil) is fully submerged, while half of plots C and D (priced at RM26mil) are under water,” he said.

Chua claimed the Selangor government acquired the four plots of land on March 12.

“Plot B was auctioned off on Sept 7, 2010, following an advertisement placed in an English daily,” he added.

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10 thoughts on “Chua Tee Yong revealed 4 more controversial lands in Selangor government – Talam deal!!

      • Please tell us how Selangor government recover the debt from Talam by taking over all these water land. Is Selangor government trying to build a water dam? Don’t treat us like stupid person, ok?

  1. No wonder Khalid always say enough water in Selangor. He must be always looking at these Talam lands with Free Water. hahaha.

  2. I look at the manner how Khalid and Tony answering the question I suspect they try to use a dirty tactic to hide by attacking chua ty so that they can divert the attention of people to Talam’s RM6++ million questionable deal.

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