Khalid declined to further comment on Talam and also Tony Pua’s statement?

Malaysia people are puzzled with MB Khalid’s attitude in handling RM1 billion Talam questionable deal.  Last week he told Selangor rakyat that the Selangor government would not comment on the matter now because it had decided to take legal action.  Furthermore he chided Chua Tee Yong for tarnishing the image of Selangor government and wanted DAP to teach Chua a lesson about the debt restructuring.

This week he has changed 180 degree to another attitude.  He told Selangor people yesterday that Selangor government would study the issue first before making any decision and he also wants to know what is that he has cheated.  To the surprise of people, he did not want to comment on Tony Pua’s statement, he said many people did not understand how the debt recovery process involving the state government and Talam worked.

Now Malaysia people want to ask Khalid the following questions:

1)  Why Khalid told the People that Selangor government had decided to take legal action last week?  But the actual fact is Selangor government has not decided to take legal action?  Was Khalid using the legal action as an excuse to avoid answering the People?

2) Does Khalid agree with Tony Pua’s statement that Selangor goverment had offered a higher price for Bestari Jaya land in Talam deal?  When Khalid said many people don’t understand the debt recovery process between Talam and Selangor government, does he also mean that Tony Pua does not understand the process as well?

Malaysia people believe Khalid as the MB of Selangor is the best person to make the People understand the deal between Selangor goverment and Talam.  Malaysia people once again urge Khalid to answer all the questions including the value of Bestari Jaya land which Tony Pua had admitted that Selangor government’s offer price was higher than the valuation done by Mitra.

SHAH ALAM, July 8 (Bernama) — Selangor Menteri Besar Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim has declined further comment on the restructuring of Talam Corporation Bhd’s (Talam) debts.

“I don’t want to say anything more (on the Talam issue). MCA accused us (state government) of cheating the people of RM1 billion, so I want to know what is it that I have cheated, then only will we answer,” he told reporters at the handing over of garbage bins to residents at Sections 10 and 11 here today.

The issue pertained to an initial challenge by MCA Young Professionals Bureau chief Datuk Chua Tee Yong to the Selangor Government to publicly declare the agreement document purportedly worth RM1 billion, between Talam and the state government on the debt restructuring.

DAP MP Tony Pua yesterday disclosed among others, that the state government had acquired 13 types of assets from Talam at a discount of RM9.1 million, being part of the agreement in the restructuring.

He was reported to have said the 13 assets included land, building and golf club shares.

While declining to answer when asked to comment on Pua’s statement, Abdul Khalid said many people did not understand how the debt recovery process involving the state government and Talam worked.

“That is why, they start questioning why Talam’s debt had been translated into state debts. It’s actually like a debt settlement scheme. The scheme has an agreement, it is not a matter of simply paying up,” he stressed.

On taking legal action against the MCA, Abdul Khalid said the state government had studied the issue and would scrutinise the former’s statement before making a decision.

Asked whether he would broach on Talam at the state assembly sitting, begnning tomorrow, he said:

“In the assembly, we are transparent. On Talam, I will provide the list of expenditure involved but there will be no explanation until they (MCA) give a clarification.”

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4 thoughts on “Khalid declined to further comment on Talam and also Tony Pua’s statement?

    • I thought Tony is representing Khalid to answer all the controversy. It shows now that Khalid does not agree with what Tony said. What a Selangor government!

  1. Khalid is escaping and Tony is also silenced now. No one dares to answer but people want to know whether their money is misused to save Talam!!

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